World’s first risk Trading and Crypto Reinsurance Platform — UnoRe

What is UnoRe ?

Broader View of Reinsurance

Features Of UnoRe

  • Accessibility: The traditional insurance market is usually exclusive due to the large capital requirements, excluding those with less capital and smaller investors. With UnoRe, much less money needs to be invested in buying into the market, and these smaller investors also have the opportunity to return on their initial investment.
  • Based on Web 3.0: UnoRe is using Web3 Technology is the next stage of the web evolution. It makes the internet more intelligent or processes information with near-human-like intelligence through the power of AI systems that could run innovative programs to assist users.
  • Mobile platform: UnoRe has an innovative app that can help users get deals anytime and anywhere hassle-free.
  • Native token: The UnoRe ecosystem uses UNO token, which is used for trading purposes and serves as a base currency to perform all the ecosystem features.
  • Ecosystem governance: Using multiple smart contracts, the governance body will be responsible for deciding rewards and penalties for claim assessors and identifying the malpractices that might occur. It will be handed over to the community based on individual claims experience, frequency, and seniority in the platform. Community members need to stake their UNO tokens to govern the pool groups and claim assessors.

UnoRe Ecosystem

How does UnoRe Platform Work ?

Claim Assessment Process



IDO Details
  • Date: 28th April
  • Token Price: US$0.12 / $UNO
  • Whitelisted Participants: 1050 applicants (525 for Public pool / 525 for POLS pool)
  • Max allocation per individual: US $250






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